Reseña Histórica

The National Directorate of Aquatic Spaces has 68 years, to the control of the maritime control during which time they extended the areas of responsibility and development of our institution always at the service of the country. It was created in 1951, under the name of " Inspection of the Merchant Marine," subsequently the President of the Republic Dr. Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, by means of decree Not. 98 in 1972 would issue the General Law of the Maritime and inland Waterway Transport which establishes the authorities for the performance of the functions of guidance, management and control of the activities related to the transportation by water.

By Executive Decree No. 8 of the 15 of January, 2007, published in the Official Registry No.18 of the February 8, 2007, I think the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, and provides that the Undersecretary of Ports and Maritime and inland Waterway Transport, will have under his responsibility the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine and the Coast (DIGMER).

With Executive Decree No. 1111 may 27, 2008, published in Official Registry No. 358 of June 12, 2008 , I believe the NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF AQUATIC SPACES (DIRNEA), as the Maritime Authority (National, under the General Command of the Navy, settling in the Art. 3 its powers, responsibilities and functions, among which is the control, guidance and maintenance of the Captaincies of the Port, coast Guard, Executive Secretary of Maritime and School of Merchant Marine, National
The National Council of the Merchant Marine and Ports, with Resolution No 021/08 of November 4, 2008, published in the Official registry No 478 of the December 01, 2008, in compliance with the provisions of Art. 4 of Executive Decree No 1111, it was determined that the National Directorate of Aquatic Spaces shall assume the functions and powers which were exercised by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, and Coastal and Maritime Authority National, stating in Art.2 the main legal bodies which grant those powers.

The Code of Maritime Police, published in the Official Registry No. 1212 August 20, 1960 and its reforms, is the body of law which sets out the duties, responsibilities and powers of the maritime authorities for the control of ships, navigation, personnel of the Merchant Marine National produced by hydrocarbons, beaches and bays.

In the Law on the Administrative Regime of the terminals, Tankers, published in the Official Registry No. 288, March 4, 1977, provides that the Superintendents of the Terminals Petroleum will depend on the administrative and financial support of the Directorate of the Merchant Marine and the Coast, are granted the privileges set for the Captaincies of the Port according to the Code of Maritime Police.